DIY Tabletop Ambiance

Close-up of Wik ambiance

The summer heat is starting to subside and evenings spent relaxing on the porch are now bearable. If  you are looking to entertain and would like to add some ambiance to your porch or patio, we have a great and affordable idea for you.

It’s as easy as following the step by step process below.

Picture of assorted stones, bucket and Wik Chafing Dish FuelSupplies needed:
1 Can Wik Chafing Dish Fuel
1 Medium Sized Tin Bucket (color of your choosing)
2 Bags Assorted Stones

All of these materials can be found at your local hobby store. Make sure the buckets you choose are large enough that your Wik Chafing Dish Fuel will sit inside comfortably.

1.) We opted to start with two different size assorted stones and mixed them together in our bucket.

2.) Fill the bottom of your bucket about 1/4 of the way with the assorted stones. Make sure not to fill it too full to leave room on top of them for the Wik Chafing Dish Fuel.

3.) Place the Wik Chafing Dish Fuel on top of the first layer of stones. Then, place more stones on the sides and top of your Wik can. Cover everything except for the twist off lid.

4.) Place on the table or area you would like to add your ambiance. Twist off the can lid, light and you are ready to enjoy. You can enjoy this for 4 or 6 hours, depending on which size Wik Chafing Dish Fuel can you purchased.

5.) Grab a bottle of wine, some cheese and crackers, your favorite fruit, and enjoy the evening in your new found outdoor oasis.

In our final setting we also added a second can of Wik Chafing Dish Fuel to a lantern to add even more ambiance to our table.

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