Customer Testimonials

“Your products are the best on the market that we have used. Very dependable and long lasting. And keeps the food so warm… it almost feels as if we just cooked it.”Owners, Cheche's Vegan Eatery
“We are honored to work with you and your company! Great product, but more importantly, great people!”Food Service Veteran
“You are the one supplier I can always count on!”Food Service Distributor
“I love this product, Consistent heat exactly where it needs to be and no odor.”Food Service Distributor
“I have used WIK chafing fuel for over 16 years. Good product, good value! I especially like the 6-hour fuel since I can use it more than once.”Chef Jeff, Caterer
“You continue to make my life easier! Thanks to all at Kelmin!”Food Service Distributor
“We have a large supply of Sterno left over from an event. I’ve got to say it doesn’t compare to your product at all. Myself and others have burned ourselves on the can and it’s very difficult to tell if the fire is lit. I can’t wait until we switch back to your product”End user for food demos
“You guys (Kelmin) are the easiest (supplier) to work with.”Food Service Distributor
“I like WIK because it keeps my food HOT for the full 6-hours.”Restaurant/Caterer