Apopka Youth Works Program

Apopka Youth Works and Kelmin Products

This summer Kelmin Products, Inc. participated in the Apopka Youth Works program. You are probably asking yourself what this program is. Here is a little excerpt from their website:

The career education program is open to Apopka-area high school juniors and seniors. The focus is to prepare young people for their first entry into the workplace and to team them with local businesses that will guide them through a summer of fullfilling and educational employment. Further, Apopka Youth Works provides insight into different career opportunities – an important start for any high school student considering their own path for long-term employment.”

For the last 7 weeks, Kelmin Products welcomed 4 interns from the Apopka Youth Works program to help us with some summer projects we had going on. We wanted the kids to see what it was like to work in a manufacturing company. Show them the day to day work grind, and help them produce a work ethic, that future companies would line up to see. This was some of the students first look at the working world, so their were definitely some learning curves for both parties.

All and all, we felt like this summer was a success. The students got experience with something they may have never done, and we were able to produce some ready to ship product.

We would like to thank the Apopka Youth Works program and our 4 interns that chose to come work with us this summer!