Is your chafing dish fuel heating as well as you remember?

Is it taking longer to get to the heat you are accustom to? Have you noticed a drop in your top temperature? Is it concerning food may not be safely warmed for your customers?

It has come to our attention that several of our competitors are diluting their liquid chafing dish fuel. Some up to 75% percent. We can only guess this is a cost savings effort.

We are not guessing when we say, this approach will lead to less heat being generated.

Kelmin Products Inc. Wik 4-hour and 6-hour cans image

They are trading potential lower cost, for definitely lower heat. Is this a trade you are willing to make when you are dealing with food that is being served to your customers?

At Kelmin Products we take pride in our product and the fact that we give the maximum heat necessary to keep our customers safe. We continue to use 100% pure DEG as our fuel. Thus you will get the same heat output from WIK chafing dish fuel now, as you have experienced for the last 25 years.